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 Orc Spear Specialization - Sov 5 city by Duran

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PostSubject: Orc Spear Specialization - Sov 5 city by Duran   Sat May 27, 2017 10:36 am

Awesome tutorial by Duran.


Hello Forums, there's a few people I'd like to thank beforehand of posting this project I did of finding out how fast one could possible produce Kobold Cohorts in the game at 800% sov. He-Man, for giving me the idea and knowing I'd do it. Stukahh for all of the resources I needed to get it done, and most of SIN for motivating me to actually finish it.

So the city I did this project on my town which is now known as 2. Kodabears' Panda, is a town located on a 5 5 5 5 5 plot, and completely surrounded by +3 Spear Unit Production bonuses. Also something to note I have 3 Spearmens Billets in these towns, so negative res amounts do reflect them. This city was also built on 0% tax foundation with ALL res boosting buildings at level 20. So without further ranting, let's begin with some screen shots. Each sov level 1,2,3,4,and 5 go up in increments of 160%.

So this screen shot is of the training time at sov level 1, at 160% at this rate you make a total of 50 kobolds per hour, which gives you 1200 kobold cohorts per day.

This is sov 2 which runs at 320% spear production, it's 20% over what a normal sov 3 300% town would run, here we produce kobolds at 80 spears per hour. Giving you a total of 1920 kobold cohorts in a a day.

This screenshot reflects sov 3 at 480% which is 80% higher than a normal sov 4 city at 400% and it produces 112.5 kobolds per hour and 2700 kobold cohorts per day.

This screenshot reflects as close as I could get to a normal sov 5, 500% city, it's a bit higher but not by a large margin 4% producing 116.13 kobolds per hour at 2787.12 kobolds per day.

For you desert/artic orcs who happen to find spots similar to mine and feel like building such a city, this particular screenshot is for you, at 0% taxes, this is what you can run without going negative in basic resources aside from research points. you are looking at 576% production speed at 128.57 kobolds per hour and 3085.68 kobolds per day.

So unfortunately when I took this screenshot reflecting sov 4, I did not get the negative resources portion of it. I can tell you by memory it wasn't below -10k on any of them yet. It runs at 640% sov and produces 144 kobolds per hour which will give you 3456 kobolds per day.

This is the last screenshot taken, it is full sov 5 with all of the negative resources showing, IF you have the warehouse, storehouse, and vault which i recommend if attempting this type of build. You need to refill it once a day, I recommend heavily having a very tight cluster so you can send from your cities to do so, to prevent having to prestige in resources. The city runs at 800%, 171.43 kobolds per hour and 4114.32 kobolds per day.

A last and final forethought, I did this to reinvigorate my desire to play Illy, and to find something I don't think anyone else has tried yet. I hope by showing this, maybe this will cause interest in players with other races such as Elves/Bows, Dwarfs/Infantry and Humans/Cavalry to make one of these and share it with the server.

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Orc Spear Specialization - Sov 5 city by Duran
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