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 Account Support

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PostSubject: Account Support   Account Support EmptyWed Apr 22, 2015 10:29 am

Prestige Account Issues

To report problems with purchasing Prestige or problems using your Prestige account, use the in-game support petition system under the "Prestige Account" category.

Account Related Issues

Forgotten Game Username or Password

Please go to the http://elgea.illyriad.co.uk/Account/ForgottenPassword page to recover your Illyriad game username and/or password.

Forgotten Forum Username or Password

Send an email to community@illyriad.co.uk to recover your Illyriad forum username and/or password.

Account Deletion

If you wish to no longer play on your Illyriad account, go to the Account & Preferences tab under your profile and choose "abandon account." This decision is final and not reversible so do not abandon your account if you ever wish to return to it.

Name Change

To change your character name visit the Accounts & Preferences tab in game and choose "character/account name." A name change costs 300 Prestige.

Multiple Accounts

Each player is only allowed two accounts. Any additional accounts are in violation of game rules and will be removed.

Suspended Accounts

Players who have manually abandoned their Illyriad account will leave behind their cities and list as [Abandoned]. Game accounts that have not been accessed for a certain amount of time (based upon population) will be automatically suspended and removed by the system.

Abandoned Accounts

Every 6 hours ALL accounts that fail these tests will be abandoned. Pre-warnings will be issued via registered email in the circumstances noted:

- 0 population, last active 4 days, [non-prestige purchaser] = deletion. (No email)
- Less than 20 population, last active 7 days, [non-prestige purchaser] = deletion. (No email)
- Less than 100 population, last active 14 days, [non-prestige purchaser] = deletion. (Emails sent at 7 and 1 days)
- Between 101-500 population, last active 30 days, [non-prestige purchaser] = deletion. (Emails sent at 14, 7 and 1 days)
- Between 501-1000 population, last active 45 days, [non-prestige purchaser] = deletion. (Emails sent at 14, 7 and 1 days)
- Over 1000 population, last active 60 days, [non-prestige purchaser] = deletion. (Emails sent at 14, 7 and 1 days)
- Any population, last active 90 days, [prestige purchaser] = deletion. (Emails sent at 14, 7 and 1 days)

You can change your email address in the accounts and preferences page in game. Player suspended accounts will not be contacted.

Last Active includes sitters. Also the account that we are abandoning cannot have units incoming or an active siege/blockade in progress.

For questions regarding your suspended account contact community@illyriad.co.uk.


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Account Support
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