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 Let's Talk About Commanders

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PostSubject: Let's Talk About Commanders   Let's Talk About Commanders EmptyTue Apr 07, 2015 2:55 pm

Commanders and Armies aren't things that the smaller players want to make YET. They require gold per hour, which means raising your taxes. Raising taxes will reduce your population as well as your basic resource production. However, the right troops and commanders are excellent to plan on for the future.

The tile your city is sitting on will most likely determine what type of army you should create due to the resource requirements of the Troop Reduction Building, which will reduce the cost of the army upkeep. We hope that you will be able to build your race's strongest and best units.

Human: Cavalry

Dwarf: Infantry

Elf: Archers

Orc: Spears

For your offensive commander, no one does it better than your race's tier 2 cavalry. He is EVERY RACES'S best overall offensive commander. His ability to raise other cavalry unit's attack under his command by 15% is an incredible advantage in the field of battle. When armies attack long distances it is usually led by this unit.

Each city should have a defensive force, led by a defensive commander. The best unit for this is your tier 1 cavalry. This T1 unit, when in command, can increase forces under its leadership to a 15% defense against opposing calvary. If you are a defensive player you may want two of these in you command slots. Remember: Most attacking forces from long distances will usually be cavalry, so having the best piece as your defensive commander will help that army's overall defensive numbers.

As you get more cities, having specialized unit commanders can be looked at. For example, have a tier 1 swordsman and tier 1 ranged unit as commanders might help against incomming armies of Swordsmen or Archers if you feel the need to protect your city from a player who does not use cavalry. Swordsmen get a bonus to attacking cities so having a T1 swordsman commander who can get a 15% defensive bonus against an attacking infantry army might come in handy.

I would avoid spear commanders altogether. For one, they are the worst unit at attacking (so no one should be using them against you) and you are usually not going to attack anyone with just spearmen. If some one attacks with spearmen they are just downright desperate or dumb.

T2 attacking cavalry commanders should lead calvary units and increase their Charge attribute with every level they get, topping out at 15%. T1 defensive cavalry commanders top out their defensive bonus at 15%. Then start working on your speed with Forced March upgrades. So at lvl 25 you should have a truly good commander leading those troops across the field of battle or defending well in your walled cities.

Remember: Tier 1 for defensive commanders & Tier 2 for offensive ones. Good luck and see you in the bards songs of heroism!

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Let's Talk About Commanders
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