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 Harvesting 101 by Sheebs

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Pink Camo
Pink Camo

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PostSubject: Harvesting 101 by Sheebs   Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:38 pm

Here is your quick reference to Hunting and Gathering


Gathers basic minerals, herbs and hides.  Herbs and minerals sell around 250 gold a piece, hides sell around 4-5k ea.  Cotters carry 100 goods per person.

With research cotters also harvest grapes and scavenge weapons from the battlefield.  Grapes are used to make wine which sells upwards of 1.5mil per barrel.  Grapes sell around 450 ea.  

Downside is you can only have ONE cotter per cottage, so they take up a lot of space, but they count as a population of 100 per cottage.

Researches for Cotters : Cotters, Foraging, Grape Picking, Scavenging.


Harvests basic resources ~ wood, clay, iron, stone, food and gold.  They are also your transport unit.  Research in trade to increase amount you have, how much they can carry and how quickly they harvest.  

You can harvest with both a caravan and cotter/guild worker.  Otherwise it is one harvesting unit type per square.

Herbalists and Miners

You can have one Herbalist/Miner per level of your Guild building.  You can have multiple guild buildings in your city.  Herbalists/Miners harvest rare herbs/minerals carrying one good per unit sent.  You can send as many units as you like, but ALWAYS SCOUT a herb patch or mineral site.  They can be over harvested leading to the destruction of the patch.  Never send more than a patch can handle, ie, if it holds 61 goods, only send 60 harvesters (same goes for grapes).  Note about Herbalists,Miners and Skinners, you can build one unit per level of your Guild Bureaucracy, you may build an additional 10.  You may build multiple buildings of each type, but the bonus only applies to the first 20 levels total.

Rare herbs and minerals sell for considerably more than normal ones.

Research Herbalists Guild and Herbalism, and Miners Guild and Geology.


Skinners are the ones that pick up animal pieces.  When you see a paw on the map, that is the place where you send skinners.  Anatomies and animal parts are worth a lot of gold.  They are used in crafting weapons and armor.  Skinners are also the troop that harvests elemental salts.

Research : Skinner's Guild, Butchery

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me!

♥ Sheebs ♥

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Harvesting 101 by Sheebs
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