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 City Planner by Mjc

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City Planner by Mjc Empty
PostSubject: City Planner by Mjc   City Planner by Mjc EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 6:32 pm

Directions for city planner at:


Ok first off you are going to need to create your own sheet because this one will not let you edit it, to do that go to file/make a copy and rename it anything you want, I suggest the name of your city because you will be wanting to make one for each of your cities.  If "make a copy" is not an option for you then you need to log in/create a google sheets account, once you do this it should be working fine.  Dont change any green background fields, some of them have formulas in them that are used elsewhere, go ahead and change any yellow fields you want in fact this is how you will be personalizing it for each city.  If it does not let you edit the sheet then you didnt create your own copy I will not be giving anyone edit rights to this because I want to keep a clean original somewhere.

1.  This is where you put the city's name and plot mix.  Make sure the plot mix is correct here other cells use this info

2.  This is food sov for surrounding areas, look at the map with the city centered, make sure this table matches the amount of food in each square for your first 3 rings.  (exception.  if you are soving a non food basic make sure the table says 0 for that square)

A.  This is your efficiency table, once 2. is finished it will tell you which squares will give you the most food for your upkeep

3.  This is where you put your sov lvls at, if the sov is for food or another basic put the lvl of sov here, if it is for production make the number negative.  This program only accounts for basics upkeep on sov if the number is negative here.

4.  This is general statistics, the only thing you should really change here is your tax rate

5.  This is your production table, the only things you need to change are the spell line based on the geo spell used, prestige if you plan on using prestige and sovereignty for non-food sov bonuses(the program does food based on what you put on the prior tables.  The other lines will change based on what you put elsewhere on the spreadsheet.

6.  Here is where you put your upkeep buildings, make sure you put the lvl of the building for each building you plan on having here.

7.  First thing you do here is click on the race drop down and change it to your race, the unit upkeeps will change for whatever race you put here.  Then you put in your desired troop counts.

8.  This is a secion I added, what you do here is put in any buildings you want the city to have, the spreadsheet will update food based on these buildings being lvl 20, if you want them to be a different lvl or you want a building I did not list use the empty spots near the bottom and make sure you put in the correct food usage for that lvl, also the cottages line basically tells you how many empty spots you have left and assumes you will put a cottage in each one

Once you have all this info in it is time to start playing around with the numbers so you can see what your options are, usually I start by playing with the sov until I get it where I want it to be, then I change the tax rate so that I am just above 0 RP.  Then I update section 6.  I then look back at 5 if any of the basics have enough left over so that they can lose the mill I go to section 8 and change the apropriate mill to 0(the spreadsheet will take off the bonus and food costs as soon as you do).  Then I go to section 8 and figure out what buildings I can add or have to take off to make sure it stays positive food(of course you can always increase food sov).  

Finally it is time to play with secion 7 where you figure out what kind of troop mix you can actually build in this city and still stay positive on everything.  I dont know if the Perc column works, if it does I have never been able to figure out what it does, the Min column is where you put the number of that troop you want though and keep an eye on your "Gold Flow"

This spreadsheet assumes a number of things: first that you have the statue discovery done, 2nd you have a lvl 20 library, any building I preprogramed in section 8 will be lvl 20, all basics are lvl 20 and that you have 25 of them.

I use this spreadsheet to figure out long term plans so the current lvls of your buildings dont really matter but this will help you decide if you have the food for that crafting building you wanted, whethere you should build the chancery and if so to what lvl? and stuff like that.  You can also use it to figure out the plot mix you want.  I mean there is nothing wrong with planning a city before it is even built.(don't ever ask me how many cities I have planned out and never even settled, trust me don't)

written by mjc

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City Planner by Mjc
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