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 Unit Overview

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PostSubject: Unit Overview   Unit Overview EmptyWed Apr 16, 2014 2:48 pm

The information for all the different types of units are below.

Spearmen: The cheap troops of Illyriad. They have low attacks and mostly have low defence stats. The Orcs have the best spearmen, whose main advantage is that they are extremely cheap. A Kobold Cohort, unlike all the other spearunits, needs only 1 spear and 1 beer to be made. This means they can be built far more quickly than their counterparts in other races, who rely on a leather armour to be made. Their main use is to defend against cavalry; no other unit in the game has higher defence vs cavalry stats.

Swordsmen: These troops have relatively high attack stats, but low defence stats. They are good for attacking cities through a siege, but should not be relied upon to defend spots. They are slow, so are poor for raids, however they are good at attacking difficult terrain. More on this in the next issue, but broadly swordsmen should be used in a siege army to storm cities or for attacking camps in forests or buildings.

Bowmen: The defenders of Illy. Whilst they are extremely vulnerable on plains, due to their low defence vs cavalry stat, they get the highest bonus of any unit of the game when defending on mountains. In a siege, broadly, swordsmen are in the sieging army whilst bowmen provides the defence for the army. However, I recommend strongly that they only be used for defence- not attack.

Cavalry: These should not be used for occupying squares. They are the most expensive units in the game, and in my opinion- there are different schools of thought on this- they should not be used for defending spots. Instead, they should be used for smashing armies on the plains, for it is there where you can get INCREDIBLE battle reports.


Now, for an army. An army should be put into 5 divisions- 4 elite divisions, kitted out with equipment, under your 4 weakest commanders. Then, your fifth division should have your best commander in, and all the rest of your troops. Your equipment should go to the commanders first, then your elite divisions, and whatever- if anything- is left, give it to your main division. I’ll make another post on equipment later, but anyway. The commander of a cavalry army or a swordsman army should be cavalry or swordsmen respectively; the commanders of your elite division should be of the same unit type as your troop in this division. Your spearmen should be under the command of either T1 Cavalry, or T1 swordsmen. This is because you will normally be attacked by either cavalry or swordsmen, and therefore you want a commander that gives bonuses against those troops.

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Unit Overview
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