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 Rolling Thunder

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PostSubject: Rolling Thunder   Rolling Thunder EmptyWed Apr 16, 2014 2:41 pm

Rolling Thunder (RT) is the name given to the method of directly attacking a city with the use of siege engines, in order to rapidly destroy the population of a city.

RT works as follows. An army of 30 siege engines is sent to attack a city at a predetermined time. Out of these engines, only a couple will hit. Because of this, we need vast numbers of catapults to level the city. The Royal Engineers therefore are tasked with producing the majority of the engines which we need, but each player should have an RT army in at least one city.

RT requires a clearing wave of cavalry beforehand, as siege engines cannot kill troops. Therefore, a typical RT operation involves a clearing wave of cavalry, followed by the RT armies. The armies should have accompanying forces to kill any survivors. Cavalry is the best.

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Rolling Thunder
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